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Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

(Courtesy of the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

Do more research

“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for clearly and gently leading me to the the information¬†that i need to know for my well-being. Please give me the courage to be assertive as charge of my health-care needs.”¬†

We all need to be healthy in order to complete the necessarily activities of our day to day life. It’s important to value your health as it is an ongoing and lifelong commitment during one’s lifetime.

Both Eastern and Western medicine go together to ensure the overall well-being, health and safety of an individual. This is what i have strongly learn from Archangel Raphael, as well as my esoteric studies in Reiki and Crystal Therapy.

As humans beings, we have our part to play in our own health and safety. If something doesn’t seem right to you health-wise, please follow your own intuition, your own gut feeling.

God, the Divinely Creator, Archangel Raphael, and the Healing Angels all help in matters of healing and health. They are always here to help and guide you towards taking action steps towards better health and well-being.

Perhaps you are guided to see a doctor, a health care professional, or read an article or better lifestyle choices, or seek alternative healing therapies.

Either way, keep your mind and heart open. Don’t be passive and always seek¬†medical advice if you or someone you know needs medical treatment.

Additional meanings of this card: Get a second, third or fourth opinion. Read the latest studies about the condition. Speak up and ask your doctor questions. Look for an alternative healer or health-care facility. Be open-minded about alternative treatments. 

Sending lots of love and many Angel blessings to you, my beloved ones!

Love Libby xoxox

Libby’s note:¬†If you are someone you know needs medical treatment, please speak a medical doctor or health-care professional¬†first.¬†


What Reiki has taught me

So what is the non-physical energy? Well, it is the Universal life-force energy, that every living thing, every living being, has. For many thousands of years, this life-force energy has been used and has greatly influenced our lives. It has influenced many people around the world in many difference cultures and walks of life.

This energy has been known by many names .The Japanese call it “Ki”; the Chinese call it “Chi” “Prana”is known by a number of Indian cultures, and it is known as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost by the Western World.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words. “REI” means force and “IKI’ means life. Together, these Japanese words spell ‘life-force in Japanese.

This life-force energy has been around before in many Ancient Eastern cultures have learnt and applied these healing energies before the birth of Jesus Christ.

With Reiki, I was able to learn how to activate, balance and clear my personal energy. This has been very useful, not only being an energy practitioner, but also being a psychic medium, angel and tarot card reader.

I do love what I do, but it does get extremely tiring to care for other people’s energy as well as my own.


What Reiki has taught me is to respect myself. With lightwork, as its own challenges. We are humans too. We do make mistakes Рnone of us are perfect. We are all here for a reason to learn, to grow and be here for one another. Life is not only about living in the here and now, but about appreciating what you have.

Reiki has also taught me to value my body. It has been a long progress to valuing my own self for who I am. We all have days where we wished we may have looked a certain way, because of what society depicts us to be, or how we should look. We are all beloved children of the Divine, and hence – we need to appreciate that we are incredibly beautiful – both inside and out. I have noticed my body has changed, and thanks to Reiki, I’m not as conscious of what I looked like before.

Reiki¬†has also taught me¬†not to worry nor stress.¬†Okay, we ALL stress in life – whether, it’s our children, our pets, our parents, our spouse or partner, our health, our work, ourselves……the list is endless. But what for a few minutes a day you can put your mind aside for about 15 to 20 a day to just relax and unwind. And this is Reiki. When you put your life into perspective of what is most important – you do truly work out what you really¬†value.¬†¬†You may not work out all the answers to your problems – but you might; however, you will have a calmer way of dealing with stress and anxiety; to be able to move forward with your day knowing that you strength and the courage to do so.

Reiki¬†has showed me to a more holistic way of life.¬†¬†It hasn’t cured any of my health conditions, but I would consider that it has very much complimented a more healthier lifestyle and well-being. I do have a slight heart condition, but I have been repeated been told by my angels and guides that both eastern and western medicine are very complimentary together! In fact, Archangel Raphael works very closely with doctors and surgeons as well with many holistic healers.

So my suggestion to you dear friends, is to follow your heart when it comes to Reiki or any holistic healing. Everyone is different and it is important to listen to your own body and intuition.

Sending lots of love and Reiki blessings to you all!

Libby xoxoxo

Libby’s¬†Note: ¬†If you or someone you know needs any medical, health or pregnancy advice, my suggestion is to please seek out medical advice from your doctor, physician, or health-care professional.