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(Courtesy of Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

Allow Yourself to Receive

“Open your arms to welcome the blessings and answered prayers that God is sending to you.” 

Beloved one, you have been working so much and been very patient. You have been so giving to many other people who have been in need to their needs, wants and to give them attention.

This message comes to you to let you know that your prayers are heard and answered.It is now your turn to receive. 

Heaven can answer your prayers – and people can assist you – to the degree that you will allow yourself to be helped. So now is the time to allow yourself to receive.

Remember these three spiritual truths when you are not sure about receiving help whether is spiritual help or other help from a fellow Earth Angel (human beings):

  1. God wants you, and everyone to be happy, safe and provided for. In order for this to happen, you need to allow support to come to you.
  2. You, like everyone, deserves to be happy. Aren’t you happier when the people around you are happy? Well, the same rule applies to you too, sweetheart!
  3. The more you allow yourself to receive; the more you’ll have available to give.

Sending lots of love and Angel blessings to you, my friends! 😀

Libby xoxo




(Courtesy of the Loving Words from Jesus by Doreen Virtue) 

Mark 1114

“What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.” (Mark 11:24) 

Libby’s note: I am conscious of people’s beliefs on organised religion, which I humbly respect wholeheartedly; but this is purely for motivational and inspirational purposes. I grew up Catholic, and I have always been fascinated with World Religions. I will with time look into other Ascended Masters and Spiritual Teachers. Blessings to you, my friends. ❤ 

As we continue with our journey of Lent, we must believe in the mysterious and miraculous belief in prayer.

No matter what faith or spiritual path (or none at all, if you wish to) you may wish to follow in your life – prayer is powerful. It also is very healing and always uplifts up one’s spirits.

While even the best psychic, intuitive and spiritual teachers may not see the exact result of the answer to one’s prayer, since the Divine and our beloved spiritual team of love and light definitely know the answer our prayers!

Many Archangels bring our prayers to God, to the Divine Creator as well as beloved, Jesus of Nazareth who is one of many Ascended Masters.

Jesus reminds us this week that prayer is important to take away our fears, worries, or anxieties, and to focus on what is truly important in our live. What do we value? Is it our family and friends? Our health?

While praying doesn’t necessarily mean getting what you want in life – but rather to ask for spiritual and Divine assistance by God, by the Ascended Masters, by your Angels and the rest of your spiritual team.

By having the believe and faith in what you desire, in what you value with the most positive intentions for all involved, the highest good.

Don’t worry about a thing, but to pray that the Divine is working out the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. Even in more miraculous and wondrous ways that you could ever imagine!

Have a blessed and safe week ahead, my lovelies!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Love Libby xx


Card of the Day: PRAYER WORKS!

Card of the Day: PRAYER WORKS!

(Courtesy of the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 


“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for healing and answering my prayer of (ADD THE DETAILS OF YOUR PRAYER).” 

If in doubt, no matter your circumstances – prayer is a very powerful and healing vibration to your God, to your Creator, to your Divine. As I have previously mentioned in many other posts – you may have your own name to call God. (Other people may call him Allah, or Hashem or Higher Source, or Divine Intervention, etc).

Even when things may seem to be at their darkest or perhaps you are feeling at your wit’s end – prayer is a way to lift these emotions, or burdens to God and beloved Archangel Raphael.

Raphael is here to help you to increase your faith as well as your prayers surrounding a health question. There’s no right or wrong way to prayer for help or guidance, as long as the intentions are for the highest and best outcome.

God does work in mysterious ways – even if we don’t understand why certain things occur. All we can do is to have that that our prayers will be heard and answered in mysterious and miraculous ways.

Additional meanings of this card: Pray about every aspect of this situation. Instead of worrying, pray! Talk honestly with God, and the Angels about your fears, desires and feelings. Ask for help and then acceptance help when it is offered. Start a prayer group or support group for the issue at hand.

Angel blessings to you all, my lovelies! ❤

Libby xoxoxo