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Full Moon in Aquarius for August 2017

Full Moon in Aquarius for August 2017

Full Moon_Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon at 15° Aquarius and will occur on Monday, August 7th, 2017. This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse which has both easy and difficult aspects to this. It will be a main focus on personal success and this will affect your relationships, have a great importance of your emotions, mood and behaviour. This is due to Jupiter square Pluto is directly linked to the Moon and the Sun.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon has the potential to make selfish, greedy, and ruthless in getting your way to the top. While the positive aspects to this shift are the lunar eclipse link between Jupiter and Pluto, is to avoiding any unforeseen traps. In order to find happiness and success right now is to remain calm, everyone!

What happens in a Lunar Eclipse??

The Full Moon happens in August 2017 it is also a Lunar Eclipse. When this occurs, it focuses on your attention on all relationships – family, friends, neighbours, pets and lovers. The Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts will reach their peak of the eclipse. You will then take an objective and balanced look at all personal relationship to learn what your own needs. You will also discover your own intentions within these respective friendships and relationships as well as the needs, wants and intentions of other people. You will clearly see any imbalances or disharmony within any relationship.

The lunar eclipse in particular will reset and restart all emotions, and clear out any excess baggage over the past 6 months or so.  Like you would take a selfie to remember a precious moment in life…..it will take time….hence why with Full Moons it is an ending of an old cycle and a start of a new one!

The August 7th lunar eclipse marks is the ending of the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse. However, the August 21st Solar Eclipse, it will continue to be active until the next Lunar Eclipse phrase of next year will begin in January 2018.

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Astrology

The Lunar Eclipse that will occur on Monday, August 7th, 2017 in the Sign of Aquarius is actually the in the Constellation of Capricornus. It is constellation of a Sea Goat. It is an ecliptic constellation laying between constellation Sagittarius and constellation Aquarius. It spans 25 degrees longitude in the zodiac sign Aquarius.

The Sea Goat has much influence over human affairs and brings major changes towards such areas as climate, political customs and leaders. When a Lunar Eclipse happens in the “Maison of King” this energy focus on leaders, their rise and fall to power, even their overthrow or assassinations. Unfavourably, situated with regards to lunar eclipses the constellation indicates major storms particularly at sea.

The full impacts of Jupiter square Pluto is felt four days before the eclipse and will remain there for a couple of days after the eclipse. This energy will make you want to succeed and taking new challenges, new creative projects and just taking that leap forward.

While success, power and influence are all possible, without any thought, care or consideration – it can be very dangerous. Ruthless determination, greed, corruption, and power may get to where you want, but at what cost? Your personal life may also be an area that suffers during this time, especially your closest and dearest relationships. Remember: A lunar eclipse highlights your emotions, home life and relationships.

The Next Moon Phase is the SOLAR ECLIPSE ON MONDAY, 21ST AUGUST 2017.

Happy Full Moon Blessings to you!!!

Libby xoxox

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Times and Dates
Los Angeles August 7 – 11:10 am
New York August 7 – 2:10 pm
London August 7 – 7:10 pm
Dubai August 7 – 11:40 pm
Sydney August 8 – 4:10 pm

Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday July 9th 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 9th 2017

The Full Moon in the Earth Sign of Capricorn will occur in this Sunday July 9th 2017. These very intense energies will strongly focus on relationships and emotions for all people.

This Full Moon at 17°09′ Capricorn is only one degree from Pluto which is as intense as it can get! Emotions always run high during any Full Moon, but for this particularly full Moon it will even be more intense since Pluto helps to bring out deep and intense feelings of emotion which can overwhelm you. This is nothing to fear or worry you, but something to be aware of during this time. You may discover your dreams, impressions, psychic visions, insights and encounters to be very much heightened at this time as well as this has a profound impact on your mood.

Relationship wise for those who are coupled in relationships; it could be dangerous as feelings and emotions will be strongly heightened in this phrase. You may encounter controlling, manipulative, jealousy, guilt-tripping, threats, intimidation, self-harm, violence or other forms of dangerous activity. Please remove yourself from any negativity or destructive behaviour during this time. Please also seek professional help immediately if you (or someone you know encounters such dangerous behaviour). You can get surpass through this phrase through self-care, self-compassion and through meditation, prayer, and reflection on your own emotions and behaviour.

For those of you who are single, you may encounter someone who will reveal their feelings for you. Especially if you are a woman, but this could also apply for men as well! This may be someone for your past, but it could be a friend. During this Full Moon, both feelings between both parties will be intense and strongly heightened, so do take care not to overreact or overpower your feelings. Take some time to process this information and also to process your feelings as well. Your own intuition may be spot on about this person as well, but do take some time out to analysis about what you really want. Use logic, conscious and subconscious mind to lead you where you wish to go in terms of love and relationships.

On the whole, the Full Moon is a chance to reflect, to let go, and to analysis all areas of one’s life. You don’t need to make all rash decisions straight away, but rather think about what decisions you really want to do in your life. From Spirit, I always hear “Think BEFORE you act!”

Do take care of yourselves during these strong, intense and emotional days ahead. The energies won’t last forever (just a few days) but it can be overwhelming.

Have a safe and blessed Full Moon!

Love Libby



ASTROLOGY OF THE COSMOS: Mercury, Venus Retrogrades & Full Moon

Oh boy, we have a lot going on this April and May in 2017!! You may find yourself increasingly tired and flustered by these intense energies over the coming days and weeks to come.

In a nutshell, it is a time to letting go, and of self-reflection. There is definitely nothing to fear – especially in terms of Mercury Retrograde. Many people interpret Mercury Retrograde in terms of communication issues, technical breakdowns or faults, there’s a good reason for this.

When we reach Sunday, April 9th, The Universe is advising us to slow down and relax. We are fully supported in our endeavours as we continue on our soul’s journey and life purpose. This tiny planet, Mercury in our Universe will be moving back into Taurus back into fiery Aries. This will take place on May 20th for Mercury to return back to its original spot in Taurus to resume its fullest potential.

Mercury is a messenger of the Gods, of the Divine, of the Light, and of Divine Wisdom. When Mercury goes retrograde this simply means we need to listen to our own Divine wisdom, to pay attention to signs and symbols, and to seek further knowledge of our own spiritual path. Everyone has their own truly unique journey, because everyone is different, yet we all have a special part to play in the world.

If you do experience technical and communication issues during this time of Mercury Retrograde, take a deep breath and focus on to see of why you are experiencing this. The Universe is perhaps showing you a sign that you need to a change. Mercury focuses most strongly on career and finances.

The Universe and the Divine works in mysterious and wondrous ways in helping us see what we all need to see and learn in order to know the blessings in life ahead of us. We will be provided for, by the Divine but we need to play our role in this as well!

Venus Retrograde means that during this time a deep meaning of asking yourself if these are the types of relationships you really want in your life at this moment in time. Venus speaks about our pursuit of pleasure, which it be physically, mentally or emotionally. This could in terms of relationships, career or hobbies – so basically personal values. While in Mercury Retrograde communication issues may surface, you need to reflect on what you want in terms of a partner or the qualities of a person to have a relationship with. In order to find a love partner – you need to fall in love first. Love can happen at first sight, but unlike in the movies, you need to really get to know a person these days then love can bloom. Yes, it does take time, effort and energy – and yes, it can be heartbreaking sometimes. Venus
Venus in Retrograde also you to reflect on not only what you want – but to also to nurture yourself during this blessed time. You are a beloved child of God, of the Divine and hence you need to love yourself first, because you can love another person wholeheartedly.

True love is like two trees the branches come together to form a stronger foundation – connected together forever.

The Full Moon is occurring on Tuesday April 11th, 2017. It is a time of letting go and releasing the past. It is a time of self-reflection and introspection of what you have learnt. Although this full moon is occurring in Libra, which is an Air sign associated with balance and partnerships. While over the past several months we have all be focusing on ourselves, the Divine is now calling us to now reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves to help them. During this time, you may need to ask yourself how you help other people. How can you best serve others? How can I help our world?

Over this course of late April to May, there are both blessings and lessons to be learnt here. You may be surprised of what you may receive here in terms of Divine gifts – however, through the law of Attraction you will be asked to work to help others for the greatest good for all.

With love and blessings for this exciting time in Astrology!

Libby xoxo

Full Moon Pink

Card of the Day: NATURE

Card of the Day: NATURE

(Courtesy of the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan) 

Affirmation: “I spend time in nature and align myself to Source.” 


Life is all about embracing nature in all is unique glory, and this is exactly what this message is for today. It has a literal meaning of getting out in nature, which may help you to connect more to the Divine energy that surrounds us at all times. Yes, we ALL have access to such a powerful Godly energy, and that is exactly what it is. God works is mysterious and wonderful ways. We all just need to be open to this.

I also sense it is also all of us being called for change. Since you may be still feeling the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse – it is a gateway to a new beginning and a fresh starts. This may include changing a whole new way of being – either a different way of thinking, of doing, of kindness, of love, of everything – you get the idea. It’s time to realize the inner potential in YOU! You have a choice to live a true, authentic way of being.

Nature – which is associated with the colour green, is also associated with the heart. The heart chakra is the centre of our emotions, feelings, matters of love and heartbreak. But the heart can always be healed with love, particularly with self-love, self-compassion, and understanding. Being out in nature – even if it’s just simply a walk with a friend, with your dog, or just sitting breathing in some fresh air; you are cleansing your mind body and soul of these healing and powerful energies.

Sending lots of love and blessings to you my lovelies!

Libby xoxoxo

Card of the Day: RENEWAL

Card of the Day: RENEWAL

(Courtesy of the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine) 

“Renew the past and the present so you can plan a bring new future. Understanding your life purpose. Releasing judgement of yourself and others” 


This card is very relevant right now as wherever you are in the beautiful world of ours – will experience the beauty of a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the astrological sign of Leo, on February 10th, 2017.

This is a very powerful energy as you will discover that it will open may gateways of renewal as well as new pathways for you. Perhaps there is something or someone in your life that has taught you something – not necessarily a lesson but more a cycle as been completed. But there always a sense of renewal. 

Let go of any previously held judgments of yourself and of others. With this very powerful energy – more exciting and even beautiful things can occur as well.  Leo, is a Zodiac sign associated with the Lion, which throughout history shown to have strength, courage, determination, persistence, and assertiveness. You may find yourself have a combination of all these qualities as you experiences the wonders of these powerful and healing energies. You can forgive yourself and others during this time of releasing and renewal.

Again, there is nothing to be afraid of – and quite the contrary – you may experience love in your life if you have been single for some time; or  you may get a job that you have search for, for so long, you have get that home you have been hoping for. Miracles can occur during this time with good and heart felt intentions. 

I see Angels as well as a beautiful Lion escorting us through the gateway of a new path and a direction of love, hope, peace and happiness. All of us just need to be ready, and willing to do our part to make our goals a reality. Whatever path you take – please know you are always guided and protected at all times.

With many Moon blessings to you on this beautiful night!

Libby xoxoxo