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Angel Numerology: 198

Angel Numerology: 198

Your life purpose is the answer to your prayers about money. Devote yourself to service that involves your natural talents and interests, and you will be fully supported in return.

Believe in yourself because the Angels believe in YOU!

Libby xo



Angel Numerology: 188

Angel Numerology: 188

Well done! All your meditating and visualizations have opened the floodgates to increased financial flow.

Angel blessings to you!

Libby xoxo


Angel Numerology: 178

Angel Numerology: 178

All of your positive affirmations and thoughts have resulted in an increased flow of financial abundance. Keep it up!! 

Much love and light to you! 

Libby xoxo

Golden Angels

Energy Healing: How to Raise your Vibrations!

Energy Healing: How to Raise your Vibrations!

We all have psychic and intuitive abilities within our souls, since we have been born with such abilities. So, how can we harness our own individual energy?

We are surrounded by energy. Our Earth is made up of its own energy that was created from the big bang! This occurred over 6 billion years ago, and it still fascinates both scientists for centuries. Crystals have their own energy from the Earth since the energy carries grounding, healing and spiritual properties from these powerful stones.

Okay, let me explain that we are surrounded by a unique energy – this is called life-force energy. In many different cultures around the world it has many different names such as Reiki, Qi, or Prana. While these different life-force energy treatments may have different techniques – they help balance the chakras. Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel”. These energy wheels are channelled individually to our own unique needs – on all levels; such as on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

When a Chakra or wheel is out of balance, we may not be feeling our best. There are many reasons for this – and it can be affected by energy. We might not be getting enough sleep, or enough exercise, eating nutritious or healthy foods, or relaxing our mind after a long day at work; or even acknowledging an emotion that we have. These are just some of the many examples of when a chakra is out of balance. Stress and anxiety are major factors in chakra blockages.

So how can we clear away blockages and raise our natural vibrations? I’m glad you asked! There are some natural things you can do that don’t cost much that naturally raise your vibrations & clearing your chakras: 

  •  Be one with Nature: Go for a walk, get some fresh air, go hiking, or go to the beach – anything that brings you outside in nature. When you are outside in nature in the sunshine, you are cleansing your chakras and energy field. Even putting your feet down on Mother Earth is grounding yourself. You are one with the Earth.
  • Centering Yourself: Meditation can help you to clear your mind and to focus on your breath. When you do this, not only are you relaxing your physical body and reducing stress – but you are also clearing and balancing your chakras.
  • Drinking water: When you drink water, not only does this clear your chakra but it also hydrates you, so you will have more energy to get through your day-to-day activities.
  • Strike a Pose: Yoga is not only just for flexibility, and strength, but it also balances out your chakras as well. Many of the great Yogis believed with constant practice and dedication to yoga, it will improve your overall outlook on your life!
  • Energy Healing: For those who are certified in Energy Healing you can offer your services to others or even start a social group for energy healing. As the Grand Master of Reiki, Master Mikao Usui, believed that the practitioner/healer of Reiki received the same unique benefits as the recipient, so to can you greatly benefit from helping others. As the old saying goes “Heal one person, heal the world”. 
  • Spiritual Guidance: Call upon your Spiritual Team of guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters to help you heal, and cleanse your chakras as well as raising your vibrations. You can also ask Archangel Michael who is the Angel of protection, courage and strength to cut any etheric cords that you have attached to other people, places or things. With the help of his sword and shield, know that Archangel Michael will look after you, always.
    Archangel Metatron is the Angel of helping children who are very sensitive particularly children who are Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow children. Metatron also have a cube known as “Metatron’s Cube” or “Merkaba’s Cube” that dissolves away any negative or lower energies and balances out chakras.

This is just a very brief introduction to Energy Healing.

Much love and blessings to you!

Libby xoxo


Angel Numerology: 168

Angel Numerology: 168

The key to increasing your financial flow is to use only positive words to describe and think about money.

Angel blessings to you!

Libby xoxo

Guardian Angel image

Angel Numerology: 158

Angel Numerology: 158

Your new focus on attracting and manifesting on increased income is working. As continue working your positive affirmation and visualization, you experience increased abundance. 

May the Angels be with you! 

Libby xo



Angel Numerology: 148

Angel Numerology: 148

The Angels are helping you with your career and finances. You can feel this help, and are beginning to relax, and feel better about your financial needs.

Love and Angel blessings,

Libby xoxo


Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

(Courtesy of the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for clearly and gently leading me to the information that I need to know for my well-being. Please give me the courage to be assertive as I take charge of my health-care needs.”

Health is a partnership between you, your health professionals (who used both eastern and western medicine) healing intentions and the Divine to help you be at your best health and wellness possible. 

This card is a gentle remind to take a more assertive role when it comes to your health and well-being. If there’s something you wish to change or discuss with your health care professionals- such as  a general doctor/physician , a specialist, a surgeon, a nurse, or other health care personnel please don’t be afraid to speak up.  Remember – they’re the professionals – who have trained and have qualified in health, medicine and surgery.

Listen to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, in both your mind, as well as physical sensations in your body.  You will be shown what you need know. If you are not sure, you can always ask for help and guidance from Archangel Raphael  to find you the right  doctor, nurse or allied health professional who can help you with health and wellness needs.

Please know that you have rights and opinions – and you can always seek a second or third opinion if you’re not happy with how your health services are provided.

Additional meanings of this card: Get a second, third or fourth opinion. Read the latest studies about your health condition. Speak up and ask your health care provider questions. Look for an alternative-healer or health care facility. Be open-minded about alternative treatments.

Much love and Angel blessings ❤ ❤ ❤

Libby xoxox 



(Courtesy of the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“Express yourself through creative activities”

You are a limitless being. If it seems you have the time, money and other restrictions it is simply because your mind is focused on the material world. You can unlimit yourself by lifting the cloak from your focus. Music is essential for the nonmaterial ideals and energies. Music colors our surroundings with emanations from the highest vibration fields. It allows us to escape from all limitations in our thinking and very existence. So surround yourself with music, and allow it to stimulate your own creative thinking to spark new creative ideas. Flow with the music and give yourself permission to investigate and experience with putting your creative ideas into action. Believe that you can be limitless!!

Various meanings of this card:  Play music, sing, dance, write, draw, paint, or do anything else that inspires you to be CREATIVE. Study or career to a career that give you creative freedom. Take a creative class. Invest in a creative hobby. Keep a journal of your creative ideas. Join a writing club or other creative support system.

About Sarasvati: (Pronounced: Sair-rah-SVAH-tee)

The wife of Brahma, this Hindu Goddess helps people with creative expression particularly with the arts: such as music, painting, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, eloquent speaking or anything else that is creative. She is also a Goddess of education, knowledge and wisdom. Sarasvati’s symbols include a vina (which is like a guitar or lute), a white swan, and the book of knowledge. She will help anyone who wishes to complete their own creative tasks by helping focusing  the mind on the task, without procrastination or distraction.

Much love and light to all of you!

Libby xoxo



(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman) 

Divine Temple

Friday’s Crystal is the Divine Temple (also known as the Cathedral Lightbrary Crystal). This is one of the most powerful crystals on Earth. To identify this crystal, it has many points around its body with a large pointy crystal top. The Divine Temple comes in a variety of colours – the most popular is Amethyst, Clear and Smoky quartz, and a variety of shapes as well.

The Divine Temple acts as a Divine connection to Source, to the all the Higher Realms, and helps an individual to maintain a state of peace, tranquility and meditation. This crystal also helps one connect to Akashic records. Briefly, the Akashic records are a personal record of your thoughts, emotions, words, personal events that have occurred in your past, present and future. This personal information is accessed through a state of high vibration through meditation. Everyone can access it through intention, and love from your conscious and subconscious mind.

This crystal can open the doors of wisdom and truth the Universe and help you broaden your horizons.

Be open to what esoteric knowledge awaits you!

Much love and light! ❤

Libby xoxo