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Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

Card of the Day: DO MORE RESEARCH

(Courtesy of the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for clearly and gently leading me to the information that I need to know for my well-being. Please give me the courage to be assertive as I take charge of my health-care needs.”

Health is a partnership between you, your health professionals (who used both eastern and western medicine) healing intentions and the Divine to help you be at your best health and wellness possible. 

This card is a gentle remind to take a more assertive role when it comes to your health and well-being. If there’s something you wish to change or discuss with your health care professionals- such as ¬†a general doctor/physician¬†, a specialist, a surgeon, a nurse, or other health care personnel please don’t be afraid to speak up. ¬†Remember – they’re the professionals – who have trained and have qualified in health, medicine and surgery.

Listen to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, in both your mind, as well as physical sensations in your body.  You will be shown what you need know. If you are not sure, you can always ask for help and guidance from Archangel Raphael  to find you the right  doctor, nurse or allied health professional who can help you with health and wellness needs.

Please know that you have rights and opinions – and you can always seek a second or third opinion¬†if you’re not happy with how your health services are provided.

Additional meanings of this card: Get a second, third or fourth opinion. Read the latest studies about your health condition. Speak up and ask your health care provider questions. Look for an alternative-healer or health care facility. Be open-minded about alternative treatments.

Much love and Angel blessings ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Libby xoxox 




(Courtesy of the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“Express yourself through creative activities”

You are a limitless being. If it seems you have the time, money and other restrictions it is simply because your mind is focused on the material world. You can unlimit yourself by lifting the cloak from your focus. Music is essential for the nonmaterial ideals and energies. Music colors our surroundings with emanations from the highest vibration fields. It allows us to escape from all limitations in our thinking and very existence. So surround yourself with music, and allow it to stimulate your own creative thinking to spark new creative ideas. Flow with the music and give yourself permission to investigate and experience with putting your creative ideas into action. Believe that you can be limitless!!

Various meanings of this card:  Play music, sing, dance, write, draw, paint, or do anything else that inspires you to be CREATIVE. Study or career to a career that give you creative freedom. Take a creative class. Invest in a creative hobby. Keep a journal of your creative ideas. Join a writing club or other creative support system.

About Sarasvati: (Pronounced: Sair-rah-SVAH-tee)

The wife of Brahma, this Hindu Goddess helps people with creative expression particularly with the arts: such as music, painting, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, eloquent speaking or anything else that is creative. She is also a Goddess of education, knowledge and wisdom. Sarasvati’s symbols include a vina (which is like a guitar or lute), a white swan, and the book of knowledge. She will help anyone who wishes to complete their own creative tasks by helping focusing ¬†the mind on the task, without procrastination or distraction.

Much love and light to all of you!

Libby xoxo



(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards РThe Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman) 

Divine Temple

Friday’s Crystal is the Divine Temple (also known as the Cathedral Lightbrary Crystal). This is one of the most powerful crystals on Earth. To identify this crystal, it has many points around its body with a large pointy crystal top. The Divine Temple comes in a variety of colours – the most popular is Amethyst, Clear and Smoky quartz, and a variety of shapes as well.

The Divine Temple acts as a Divine connection to Source, to the all the Higher Realms, and helps an individual to maintain a state of peace, tranquility and meditation. This crystal also helps one connect to Akashic records. Briefly, the Akashic records are a personal record of your thoughts, emotions, words, personal events that have occurred in your past, present and future. This personal information is accessed through a state of high vibration through meditation. Everyone can access it through intention, and love from your conscious and subconscious mind.

This crystal can open the doors of wisdom and truth the Universe and help you broaden your horizons.

Be open to what esoteric knowledge awaits you!

Much love and light! ‚̧

Libby xoxo 



(Courtesy of the The Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal) 


The color of Aqua creates a state of tranquility, peace, calmness and serenity to help sooth your mind, particularly if you feeling anxious or nervous. (most especially around your nervous system).  This color is highly recommend for meditations as it helps one relaxes during a time to experience of finding inner peace, inner wisdom, and finding stillness.

Aqua is a color to helps you to remain patient, have faith in all that occurs in Divine timing, and accepts all that is meant to be. As the color suggests, and relates to in regards to swimming pools – it can help one to feel a sense of coolness.

This beautiful color can also help dissolve away any fears or worries you may have, as well as increasing your confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself.

To help you relax, and to sooth your mind, body and soul, imagine yourself being full immersed in the Aqua ray of light

You can say the following affirmation:

“Divine Spirit, infuse with healing the Aqua ray of light, calm my nerves and help me experience a sense of peace and tranquility.”

With love and blessings to you for today! ūüėÄ

Libby xoxox 

Card of the Day: WAR & PEACE

Card of the Day: WAR & PEACE

(Courtesy of the Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno)

War & Peace

Today’s card is a simple message of feeling stuck with what our heart and our mind are trying to tell us. When this happens, we are experiencing a personal struggle, a personal conflict¬†within ourselves. The logical mind and your emotional heart is putting you at a crossroads at this present moment. Perhaps there is an overwhelming decision¬†or plan that you wish to take….but you can’t decide right now!

You may be experiencing a variety of emotions, feelings and be behaving differently than you would normal would be. So, to overcome this dilemma, is to use both your heart and your mind to come to recuse!

Use both common sense, logic and your emotions while staying in the present moment. Sometimes, if this doesn’t work….embracing both reasoning as well as the power of prayer and¬†faith is what is needed.

You may also decide to give yourself time to process these feelings, emotions and experiences¬†for a few more days before coming up with a decision. This is okay, as this will give yourself time to reflect, on what you want. But keep on coming back to the present moment…..always give your worries over to the Divine.

Much love and light to you all of you!

Libby xoxo

Card of the Day: THE FOOL – UPRIGHT

Card of the Day: THE FOOL РUPRIGHT 
(Courtesy of the Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck by A.E. Waite)

The Fool-Upright

This is a perfect card to start the new month of August! As we begin the new month, we are like the Fool. We are a free Spirit, we are looking ahead towards a journey of self-discovery, self-love, self-compassion and above all, adventure!

Even if you are unsure about where you are going, or even how you get to you’re destination….the ‘Fool’ is not a fool indeed, but rather a wise soul, who believes in beginnings, renewal and trust his or her heart. This beautiful energy is something that each other us is to encourage each and every day. ¬†Live without fear and trust that he or she will be lead in the direction that they need to go!¬†

The Fool may go worth on a journey of wonder, but he or she may need encouragement, enlightenment, and even to make a decision. Through the Fool’s life experience is gained through risk taking, and having faith in themselves. So what is holding the Fool back? There is nothing….he or she is free to CHOOSE!

By taking a chance, by making decisions and by going forward on a journey unique to his or her own…..the Fool makes the world their oyster in life!¬†

So trust that August the eighth month – a month of abundance, a month of blessings, and a month of change…will be happening for each and every one of us.¬†

Much love and many blessings coming your way! 

Libby xoxo 


Card of the Day: Ten of Raphael

Card of the Day: Ten of Raphael

(Courtesy of the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine)
Ten of Raphael
Love is in the air! You will find that your relationships with both friends and family are more happier, harmonious and joyful! Be content with this moment with those special people that are dear to you.
This card also means that you feeling more happier, confident and relaxed within yourself. If you need to relax more in life – this is a sign that you need to incorporate this in your life more.
In regards to romantic relationships, you are realizing that while your relationship with your partner is hard work, and there is ups and downs, you can make things work and you are heading on the right path in your love relationship.
Additional meanings of this card:
Happy romantic partnerships. Trustworthy relationships. The end of stress. Happily Ever After.
Much love and light ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧
Libby xx



(Courtesy of the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves)

“Your friendships work best when there’s an equal share of giving and receiving.”

Image result for friendships free images

Everyone deserves to have healthy and balanced relationships – and this does included friendships. This card that was drawn for today is a reminder ¬†to take some time in reflection and ask yourself ¬†“Are my friendships and relationships balanced and nurturing?” “What do I get out of these friendships/relationships?” “What do I value from these friendships/relationships?”

Friendships and relationships on a whole are based on trust, mutual understanding, clear communication and a balanced on both ‘give and take’. ¬†True friendships (and true relationships) are willing to come to your aid if you need help – as you are wiling to the same for them if the situation arises.

However, there will be people who will take advantage¬†of your kindness, and of your compassion. These ‘so-called’ friendships (or relationships) will only cause tiredness, frustration and exhaustion. This type of friendships or relationships¬†are too draining and need to be stopped. All you can do is to wish these people all the best of luck in their futures; ending things peacefully and respectfully.

It’s not that you don’t wish ill-will or hate against anyone, but rather you prefer to be more conscious and self-aware of your own self-worth and self-respect. You much prefer to spend time with those people who respect and understand your boundaries as much as you will respect and understand theirs.

Again, friendship is all about giving and taking – it’s not about being too reliant on other people but to realize¬†that everything in life requires balance….and this includes friendships as well as having a balance in emotions within the relationship¬†within oneself.

Much love to y’all,

Libby xo

Balanced Friendships



(Courtesy of the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild) 

Rumi, was a Persian Sufi theologian and spiritual teacher. His full name is Jalal al-Din Rumi. He lived around the 13th century. Around the time, of 1244, he encountered a wandering dervish (a Muslim ascetic) named Shams of Tabriz. Spiritually inspired by the dervish to find God in worldly experiences, Rumi founded the Mevlani Order of the Sufi sect. His poems have inspired people of all faiths and spiritual paths.

His poem which was inspired by Alana Fairchild can be found in her oracle card guidebook…..

“Let go of thought!
Don’t take it to heart.
You are naked,
and thought is like ice.

You use thought to seek
release from suffering and pain,
while thought is the cause of
your suffering and pain.
The realm of creation
is outside the scope of thought.
O foolish one,
see the opus and the beauty!

Look in the direction
from which the images flow.
See the brook that cause the wheel to turn.

So the message for today is that thoughts are very powerful, but it is necessary to detox from time to time as we need to recharge our batteries.

The Blessings of Zahra is indeed looking after oneself. It is a blessing in disguise. In order to see the light, to the brightness, to see the radiance in your life… need to rest, to relax and to breathe.

When you embrace the unique soul that you truly are, and believing in yourself….the blessing of Zahra will transform you and raise your vibrations once more.

Let these beautiful transformation thoughts, transform your life in small steps!!

Much love and light

Libby xoxox

Blessings by Zahra



Card of the Day – THE SEARCH

Card of the Day – THE SEARCH

(Courtesy of Gaia Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno) 

All is well in my life 

I give thanks for the changes seasons
In solitude I grow stronger and wiser
My mind is clear – my heart is open
I am always on the right path 

Like with every season, from autumn to winter, from winter to spring to spring, and so forth, there is constant changes. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a cold winter, ¬†and we can’t quite see the light….we just need to have faith. Seasons may change, but we can always grow wiser, stronger and more predetermined than ever in achieving our dreams.¬†

Sometimes when you are currently experiencing life as a halt or you are confused why things are moving the way you would like them to be, or anticipated them to be,  just remember that this is only temporary and things will get moving again once more.

There is a wonderful plan ahead for you, dear friends….it’s just a matter of waiting patiently and to remember that you are indeed on the right path at this very moment.

Much love and light ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Libby xoxox

The Search