(Courtesy of the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild) 

Rumi, was a Persian Sufi theologian and spiritual teacher. His full name is Jalal al-Din Rumi. He lived around the 13th century. Around the time, of 1244, he encountered a wandering dervish (a Muslim ascetic) named Shams of Tabriz. Spiritually inspired by the dervish to find God in worldly experiences, Rumi founded the Mevlani Order of the Sufi sect. His poems have inspired people of all faiths and spiritual paths.

His poem which was inspired by Alana Fairchild can be found in her oracle card guidebook…..

“Let go of thought!
Don’t take it to heart.
You are naked,
and thought is like ice.

You use thought to seek
release from suffering and pain,
while thought is the cause of
your suffering and pain.
The realm of creation
is outside the scope of thought.
O foolish one,
see the opus and the beauty!

Look in the direction
from which the images flow.
See the brook that cause the wheel to turn.

So the message for today is that thoughts are very powerful, but it is necessary to detox from time to time as we need to recharge our batteries.

The Blessings of Zahra is indeed looking after oneself. It is a blessing in disguise. In order to see the light, to the brightness, to see the radiance in your life… need to rest, to relax and to breathe.

When you embrace the unique soul that you truly are, and believing in yourself….the blessing of Zahra will transform you and raise your vibrations once more.

Let these beautiful transformation thoughts, transform your life in small steps!!

Much love and light

Libby xoxox

Blessings by Zahra




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