Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday July 9th 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 9th 2017

The Full Moon in the Earth Sign of Capricorn will occur in this Sunday July 9th 2017. These very intense energies will strongly focus on relationships and emotions for all people.

This Full Moon at 17°09′ Capricorn is only one degree from Pluto which is as intense as it can get! Emotions always run high during any Full Moon, but for this particularly full Moon it will even be more intense since Pluto helps to bring out deep and intense feelings of emotion which can overwhelm you. This is nothing to fear or worry you, but something to be aware of during this time. You may discover your dreams, impressions, psychic visions, insights and encounters to be very much heightened at this time as well as this has a profound impact on your mood.

Relationship wise for those who are coupled in relationships; it could be dangerous as feelings and emotions will be strongly heightened in this phrase. You may encounter controlling, manipulative, jealousy, guilt-tripping, threats, intimidation, self-harm, violence or other forms of dangerous activity. Please remove yourself from any negativity or destructive behaviour during this time. Please also seek professional help immediately if you (or someone you know encounters such dangerous behaviour). You can get surpass through this phrase through self-care, self-compassion and through meditation, prayer, and reflection on your own emotions and behaviour.

For those of you who are single, you may encounter someone who will reveal their feelings for you. Especially if you are a woman, but this could also apply for men as well! This may be someone for your past, but it could be a friend. During this Full Moon, both feelings between both parties will be intense and strongly heightened, so do take care not to overreact or overpower your feelings. Take some time to process this information and also to process your feelings as well. Your own intuition may be spot on about this person as well, but do take some time out to analysis about what you really want. Use logic, conscious and subconscious mind to lead you where you wish to go in terms of love and relationships.

On the whole, the Full Moon is a chance to reflect, to let go, and to analysis all areas of one’s life. You don’t need to make all rash decisions straight away, but rather think about what decisions you really want to do in your life. From Spirit, I always hear “Think BEFORE you act!”

Do take care of yourselves during these strong, intense and emotional days ahead. The energies won’t last forever (just a few days) but it can be overwhelming.

Have a safe and blessed Full Moon!

Love Libby



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