Card of the Day: EXCHANGING GIFTS 

(Courtesy of the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid)

Exchanging Gifts

Essential Meanings: 
The Law of Giving and Receiving; Currency; trade-offs; weighing costs and determining value.

The Oracle’s Message: You’re entering into a productive and enriching time when all manner of opportunities are being offered to you. You have everything you need to seize them. Yet in order to honour them, you must put in the time, exchange your experience and skills, and commit heart and soul in what you’re choosing to pursue. You can do it! 

You have what it takes to be successful if you align with the Law of Giving and Receiving.  You must engage in a dance of give and take, push and pull, doing and being. If you let fear guide your choices, you could deplete yourself or create an imbalance. This is not a time to just do, do, do. Use your currency wisely and be mindful of the value others brings into your life.

With love and Angel blessings

Libby xoxox


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