The Art of the Discernment

The Art of the Discernment


Okay, so what is Discernment? According to the Oxford Dictionary, Discernment is: 1: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure: skill in discerning 2: an act of perceiving or discerning something.

Basically, this comes back to an individual making a decision, a choice or a judgement. Now, don’t get confused here – I’m not saying to make a choice, decision or a judgement about you, rather about your own life choices and options.

Rather than judge yourself. – It’s about making a judgement call on what you or doing – or rather making a judgement call on another person.

So let’s say you started a brand new job.  You’re excited – you have butterflies in your stomach and you’re very nervous! You go into your workplace and you don’t know anyone or not what you are doing. But you make a judgement to try – to keep trying; through confidence, trust and through true determination to keep on going! You go, my friend!

It’s the same principle meeting new people: You need to judge people carefully. Can you trust people? Now, I’m not saying to get obsessed about not trusting people – but instead using your intuitive and common sense to know when to trust and rely on other people. This applies to work or business relationships, friendships, and yes, even for romantic relationships.

You need to able to make your own call to trust people, to be able to make that judgement call. Remember what your momma told ya when you were young? Stranger Danger….it has the same similar principles. Until you really get to know someone – man or woman – you don’t know for sure who they are or who they claim to be. And this is something to teach the younger generations as well.

Discernment in terms of choices means to also realise the consequence of our actions. This also means to practice discernment in our everyday choices as well. When you make a choice to do A or do follow B, this is again is discernment. This is a judgement decision. All decisions have good and bad consequences. As human beings we all have decisions as well consequences to have the facts in our lives.

So in conclusion, discernment is a very powerful tool to use in everyday life to help with our decisions. It is a wise tool when making the best decision for you. But again, as the old saying goes: making a choice is better than no choice at all!”

With love and many blessings to you, all!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Libby xxx


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