April 2017 General & Love Mini Readings: Air Signs – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

April 2017 General & Love Mini Readings!

Air Signs – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius


Gemini – Sun, Moon & Rising


Archangel Zadkiel helps you to remember beloved Geminis that you are a child of God, of the Divine, and that you have such spiritual heritage since the beginning of time. There is a need for balance – don’t make any impulsive purchases at this time, or impulsive decisions without thinking thoroughly if you need it or if you really want to go through this decision (and the implications of this decisions). Please have compassion and kindness towards your dreams as this will help you in the manifestation process. There is a balance for everything so April is about considering your life & love balance. 

LOVE: FREE YOURSELFfree yourself

Gemini, it’s time to Free Yourself for all you singles out there! Time to get back into the dating game and most importantly to be yourself! You may have been feeling weighed down by your career or a previous relationship, which may be why you are hesitating to if you are ready to get back on the social scene. Follow your own intuition, Gemini, but you are ready for this. You need to reflect on your inner emotions if there is an underlying issue that needs to surface. But you are up for this challenge. Trust your heart. You are ready for love! Seek and you shall find!

For those who are in relationships – again it is a time for introspection to see if you are happy in your current relationship with your partner. Don’t worry – for the majority of you I can see that you are very happy with your  partner or spouse, but for a minority, you wish to be more close or communicate with more ease with your partner. In order to reawaken the spark, the love, the connection between the two of you – again it requires reflection, communication and trusting your intuition to bring the two of you closer to together.

Libra  – Sun, Moon & Rising


Libra, Archangel Metatron is help you stabilizing your energy levels with the help of his Metratron’s Cube otherwise known as “Merkaba” He teaches everyone who wishes to learn esoteric wisdom. Metatron helps you to balance and prioritize your goals with clarity, self-discipline and by taking action on your plans. You have handled challenging situations with dignity, grace and professionalism. You will be congratulated for all the success you have achieved. Be proud of yourself, Libra! You deserve all that is still to come!


Libra, you lovely singles need to consider the possibility that you will meet someone very soon! But in order for this to happen; the Divine and Romance Angels have a question to ask you: “What to you want in a partner and what type of relationship do you want?” Think and reflect very carefully about what you really want in a partner and a relationship so that your Angels, your spiritual team and the Divine will be able to bring it to you. Be very clear with your what you want, so that your prayers will be Divinely answered. Listen to your heart – as God, knows what your heart wants. Patience is also required at this time – as Divine Timing is working very hard for you lovely Libras.

For those already in relationships – your patience is also very much-needed as well. You and your partner may be taking your relationship to the next level if you’re not married. You may find yourself moving in together, buying a house, getting engaged, or planning a wedding  later on this year as I do see many couples have many life changes occurring together in their lives. If you are – I feel that you will continue to become increasingly close to your spouse at this time. You may even find yourself having a child, having a little furry baby, or going on holiday to celebrate the love and life for your spouse. 

Aquarius – Sun, Moon & Rising


Aquarius, Archangel Gabriel is the Divine Messenger of Love bringing messages from the Divine to us! The message for you here is to see things from a different perspective. Perhaps rather than focusing on one particular way in mind in regards to your career, finances, love, health or anything else you wish to change about your life – review your plans carefully. While things for a time may be a standstill, this is only temporary. Open your mind and your heart to a world of possibilities to many pathways of change. Aquarius, your soul is awakening to higher conscious! This is an exciting time of your life! Be open to new experiences – and be grateful for each and everyday. Archangel Gabriel walks with you along with your Spiritual team. 

LOVE:  THIS COULD BE THE ONEThis could be the one

Aquarius, for all these beloved singles out there – you have already met the someone very special that you could potentially have a romantic relationship with! The very first person that enters your mind is probably the one. Sometimes we overlook someone because it just wasn’t the right time, or perhaps we never consider him or her to be attractive to us – until now! Listen to your heart – because you are worthy of this love. You aren’t meant to be alone, Aquarius. Ask the Romance Angels to come to you in your dreams – since all of us are more open to Divine Guidance when we’re asleep for more guidance, signs and support. Be open to romantic blessings!

For all these lovely Aquarius in relationships – if you needed a sign for validation that you are with the right person with you – this is a YES! The Romance Angels are showering you and your partner/spouse with Divine love and many blessings within your respective relationships. Whatever problems may have arisen in your relationships have soon been forgotten, but the valuable lessons are still there. You love your partner, as your partner undoubtedly loves you. Look to your future together with hope, trust, faith and love blessings to come!


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