Card of the Day: I AM JUST A THOUGHT AWAY…..

Card of the Day: I AM JUST A THOUGHT AWAY…..

(Courtesy of the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards by Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh) 

Thoughts Away

“I am just a thought away…..”

“Please don’t think of me as ‘gone’, because I’m not. I’m right here. Please don’t think of Heaven as ‘up in the sky,’ because it’s not. I’m right here. Yes, I am happily busy with  learning and helping, but I am also happily willing to be by your side the moment you need me. “

“All of our former communication barriers have been lifted, and I now understand and hear you perfectly. I hear your thoughts – and please don’t worry…..I don’t judge them or you! My heart is now completely open to compassion, and I understand and love you like I  never could before. That’s why I am with you the moment you think of me.”

Your loved ones who are now in Heaven are here to help you. Don’t be afraid to talk to to them. Please ask Archangel Michael to ensure that only your loved ones come through to speak to you, and not any lower energies.

You can say the following prayer: (Or a prayer in your own words)

God, of Divine Love and Archangel Michael, Divine Protector of All, please ensure that only my true and intended loved ones come through to speak to me. Please help them to show me very clear signs that I can easy understand. Please let them know that I love them.
Amen, and so it is.

Sending my love, and big hugs to you and your loved ones

Love Libby


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