Card of the Day: DEVOTION

Card of the Day: DEVOTION

(Courtesy of the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“As I fully commit to my values, relationships and God, I am clear about what to do next.”


You decided to come to this earth to make it a better place for all. A better place for all human beings and all living beings on this planet. So hence you before you came into the this world –  your soul contract with your Creator, with God, with Source, (or however you view or see God) was created.

Now, that you are here – physically in this dimension, in the physical world, you are being called to live the values of your path. Yes, there is many pathways to God. Some of the values you have learnt from as a child, while most of them were decided from your own life experience and knowledge.

This card is calling you to embrace the values that you are have – and you are continuously learning and growing in your life. We never stop learning. It doesn’t matter what other people, even those you love – think, say or do about your personal values, or choices; because simply – they are YOURS. Again, you have your own soul contract with the creator. 

In agreement, you came here to help and to be of service. This is exactly what you are doing – right here, right now. So it’s time to embrace the values of you, the individual – and go forth to serve with love and light.

Mother Mary is here with you to help you to not only to help you to be of service to others, but also to nurture yourself as well. She is a mother to us all – and I have myself, had a vision of her during a meditation. Her energy is of pure love, compassion and understanding. It is just beautiful.

Mother Mary, is like all Angels, omnipresent, non-denominational, and is nonjudgmental. She is like any mother around the world – only wants her child to be happy. She wants to connect with you today!

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxox


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